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euron-greyjoyAccording to the reliable Game of Thrones fansite “Watchers on the Wall“, the filming in the past week was concentrated on the Greyjoys. To be more precise, it involved the Greyjoy siblings (Theon and Yara) “engaging in battle at sea,” with, in all probability, their uncle Euron Greyjoy.

According to the website, Euron is set to team up with Cersei Lannister since his nephew and niece have already reached out to Daenerys. And if spoilers/rumours are to be believed, Euron will take either Theon or Yara prisoner and he will also kill one or more of the Sand Snakes.

While the Sand Snakes aren’t well liked, ever since they killed Doran and Trystane Martell, and we don’t expect much weeping by the fandom for them. However, the other developments are quite huge with endless possibilities of speculation. For example, if the Greyjoy siblings are fighting Euron (assumption), is Daenerys with them? Did the huge army split up and resultantly the Greyjoy siblings and the Dornish Army headed for the Iron Islands while the Dothraki and the rest of Daenerys’ army headed for the King’s Landing? The possibilities are endless and as of now, we can do nothing but speculate. Happy speculating till we have more details.


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  1. People, I would like to say that I think it would be best for Deanery’s and Yara to take over Kings landing and declare Deanery’s Queen to get support of the 7 kingdoms, then it will be just a Greyjoy rebellion. I don’t see the North having a problem with this, even if the truth does not come out about Jon Snow being a Targerian. People, this will be important for the seven kingdoms to re-unite under one Kink/queen to fight the white walkers. I predict the king night walker reached out to Uncle Benjamin and he turned on the seven kingdoms. I think that will be important for the night walkers because it gives them a personal tour guide to the seven kingdoms. Who will survive the battle between the white walkers and men. I love the show

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