Rose Leslie on Her Hollywood Career and Falling in Love with Kit Harington

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rose-leslie-kit-harington-kiss-largeRose Leslie, the actress who played Jon Snow’s Wildling love Ygritte spoke to Sheryl Garratt of The Telegraph, U.K. about finding love on the sets of Game of Thrones and her other Hollywood ventures.

As an actress, Rose Leslie has achieved a lot. One of her first jobs was a major role in Downton Abbey, as ambitious maid Gwen Parkes. It was hard to top, but she did it when she landed a role in Game of Thrones, one of the highest rated TV Series ever.

Her character first appeared on Game of Thrones in the year 2012 (Season 2) of the show. Her complicated relationship with Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was a treat for the audience as they dazzled as a couple, even more so after they became a couple in real life.

When on set, during shoots, like any other couple, they too tried to keep their relationship a secret. “But we failed miserably. We wouldn’t flirt in front of other people [and] we thought that nobody knew, but they did. And it doesn’t matter; it’s fine,” says Rose Leslie.

Both Kit and Rose try to stay away from the limelight as far as possible, but they were seen so many times together outside their normal shoots that after some time, it became futile to hide their relationship from the rest of the world.

In April, at the Olivier Awards in London, Rose and Kit appeared together as a couple for the first time in public, officially. “He was presenting an award, and it was wonderful to get ready for the red carpet together,” she adds.

kitroseRose left the show in 2014, at the end of Season 4 after her character died in the penultimate episode. Since then, she has been busy. Last year, she played Idris Elba’s sidekick in Luthor, adding to her already illustrious list of TV roles. She also made a brief return to Downton Abbey but largely, she has been busy playing roles on the big screen.

Her latest release in Hollywood is Morgan, a thriller directed by Ridley Scott’s son Luke Scott. Rose plays the role of a behavioral psychologist Amy, who is part of a group of scientists who have been separated from all kinds of public and social life in a secret rural location, where they are raising a genetically modified human.


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