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maisie williams shorter seasonsMaisie Williams (Arya) spoke to Variety recently and commented on the shorter final 2 seasons of Game of Thrones [7-episode season 7 & a 6-episode season 8], which majorly bummed out the fans of the show who were already sad about the show ending in about 2 years:

“It sucks for the audience because they love the episodes, but what we’ll never do on this show is drag it out, and I’m so thrilled about that. Too many shows start out about making a great show, and by Season 6 it’s about making money and all they want to do is write more episodes and make more money. This show makes a lot of money, and it would be easy for HBO to be like ‘we’re gonna do four more seasons and we’re gonna extend them to 12 episodes.’ I really respect David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] for holding their ground and for HBO to be like “no… we’re gonna tell this story and we’re gonna end it and that’ll be final.”

She adds:

“Good things must come to an end or they’re not good anymore. It doesn’t last forever and we’ve done what we came to do, it’s time to wrap this up, and it will have the ending it was always supposed to have, and that’s very special. David and Dan started writing this show knowing the end, not knowing that it might actually come around and we might be allowed to make that many [seasons] — at the beginning we were just willing to make one [season]. They started this with an end in sight, and so it’s exciting to be closing it… I’m just excited to see everyone again – we start a lot later this year because winter has arrived, so that can’t happen in sunny Belfast.”



  1. Maisie Williams DC needs to scoop her up and make her Ace from Jokers Royal Flush gang. Ace is the quiet one, and the most powerful one, but in the movie version you could show her going from bad to good and she begins to see Batman is a far better person than Joker…Ace doesn’t have a huge role in the Justice League but when you get to the Unlimited team, she can have recurring roles, given she is a young talent this in my opinion would work for her because you can bet she is going to get a lot of offers…VERY TALENTED ACTRESS…

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