Podrick Actor on Game of Thrones Ending: ‘I Will Definitely Miss It’

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podrick season 4Game of Thrones will end after season 8. Podrick Payne actor Daniel Portman recently spoke with Digital Spy, reflecting his journey on the show & the upcoming final season and admitted that he will miss being part of a series that has launched his and many of his co-stars’ careers:

“It was always going to happen, wasn’t it. But it is sad. Nobody expected it to be as successful as it’s been. It’s just been a bit of a freak social phenomenon, unlike anything else that’s ever been on television. You can’t predict that, but to have worked on something that’s so well-written and so well-directed – and so well-made by everybody – it’s a real joy to be in that company and to have made so many wonderful relationships. So it will be sad when it’s not there, but that is the life of an actor. I’ve been very lucky to have this amount of time getting to know a character – and it was always going to end. For everybody who’s been on the show, it’s launched all of us – more or less. All the young cast, anyway – it’s been our start. There weren’t a lot of people in the young cast who were very well-known beforehand, and now most of us have some sort of following at least. That’s been a real bonus of the job, aside from doing something that’s such high quality and so popular, which is always great.”

The 24 year old Scottish actor is currently unaware of his role in the upcoming season but said that irrespective of whether his character is killed off or makes it till the end, either way he will definitely miss being part of Game of Thrones, once it’s all over:

“I don’t know what my part will be – if I will be in it at all, I don’t really know at the minute. But I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be a good guy from playing Pod, so I will definitely miss it once I’ve played him for the last time.”


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