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    1. Thank you. If only everyone paid attention. However that happened in season one before everyone jumped on the band wagon. Also Targaryen’s aren’t fire resistance only Daenerys is and that was only because of the magic involved in the birth of the dragons. in the books that was also the single time she was fire proof. In the books when Drogon rescued her from the Sons of the Harpy in the fighting pits, Drogon breathed fire towards Dany and burnt her hair. George Martin himself said that Danys fire resistance was a one off magical event.
      Sorry for the rant.

      1. you ask people to pay attention while you don’t . “Daenerys is and that was only because of the magic involved in the birth of the dragons” Hahaif u paid attention at s01e01 she showered in a hot bath, and when she touched that dragon eggs while they were burning in fire she didn’t burn and all that happened before she ever met the witch ! 🙂

      2. Plus the whole burning hut in Vaes Dothrak incident confirms it wasnt a one off, no dragons around that time.

      3. Actually the burning hut never happened in the books. In the tv series they made her fire resistant but in the books George Martin said it was a one time magical thing. He also said that Targeryans are known to have a high tolerance for high temperatures which would explain the bath and the touching the dragon eggs. Sorry guys.

      4. the burning hut part hasn’t happened…………yet. In GOT, that happens after she the dothraki find her. we still don’t know what happens after that in ASOIAF

      5. Just because you’re an uneducated faggot, Hakim Dlegend, I’ll chime in to shut you up.

        In the books, she’s not immune to fire. The “dragon egg scene” never happened. That is a show only scenario, and yes, Jake is correct. If you idiots had paid attention, you’d know that Jon burned the fuck out of his hands.

        Also she didn’t “shower in a hot bath.” She bathed in a hot bath. And that has nothing to do with fire resistance, retard. My wife showers in water that could melt my skin. That doesn’t mean she’s immune to fire.

        Targaryens are not immune to fire. In the books, Dany’s immunity is directly related to the magic that occurred at the pyre burning & dragon birth. In the show, Dany is immune but this power is unique to her because we already know Jon is a Targaryen and we already know he’s been burned.

        The more you know. Right, faggot?

      6. @jakecovel:disqus; She lost her hair in the pyre that woke the Dragon eggs as well. At least in the books. Which is what you mentioned when you said she burnt her hair.

    2. True but that happened before Jon Snow became Lord Commander and was subsequently stabbed and killed by traitors and then brought back by the Red Woman. The tv show is not bound by the books. Considering that in the Red Woman’s religion they burn their enemies or sacrifice their own to the fire, If they went with the idea that Jon’s resurrection altered his body chemistry or something then it is possible they could make him “fire proof” and tie that in to him being revealed as a Targaryen. Whether it played out in the books very differently or not is irrelevant.

      1. remenber jon being rised by the lord of light could change jon we just don’t know yet betting he is now fire proof

    3. But in the books they also talk about people being “reborn a dragon” in the first scene with Dany in the books, she goes into a hot bath tub and emerges with reddened skin (she’s slightly burnt), it’s almost like you have to earn the title of being a dragon, just being a Targaryan isnt enough, as we saw with Viserys

  1. The valonqar may be Jaime. Everyone saw his face when he realize what she did. Besides even tho they are twins she is still technically older considering in the books she claimed if she had been born a man she would be the heir which makes him her “little brother” or “younger brother” being a better translation of the term.

  2. Why would anyone throw Jon in the Fire?!? Have I missed something 😀 But yeah like Benjamin already said, although Jon is technically a Targaryen he burnt his hand while saving the Lord Commander (and that happend in the book too and his hand was hurt for a number of chapters)

  3. 1. Targaryens are NOT fire resistant, they can survive a little more heath that’s true but they are not resistant
    2. The little brother could (and most likely will be) Jaime and not Tyrion because Jaime has been born a few minutes after Cersei and she’d never suspect him to be the valonqar
    3. Arya becoming Lady Stoneheart is a little bit more than silly, Lady Stoneheart died and was reborn through Lord Beric, this is not very probable to happen to Arya
    4. How do you ‘become’ a mad queen? She either is or isn’t and what would be interesting is to see Cersei’s connection with the Mad King as her father

    1. 3. it isn’t saying that Arya will become Lady Stonerheart in the way that she’ll be killed and revived and all that… it just saying that she will take similar actions as Lady Stoneheart, as she won’t be appearing in the show. Maybe some events with Lady Stoneheart are really important to ignore that they just had to decide to let those actions be taken by another character… in this case Aria

  4. People never seem to recall that Jamie is also Cersi’s “little brother”… as he is also the younger twin. He killed the Mad King once, Imagine the irony if he must do it twice. And it would still fulfill the witch’s prophecy.

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