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Things You Could Buy With The Budget of 1 Episode of Game of Thrones


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  1. with $10 million
    a $3M house, it’ll have a hidden room connected to the master bedroom, a kinky bdsm room
    a new truck for me, a new truck for hubby, i’ll take a 1500, he gets a 3500, we’ll both have 4doors, he gets a high country, i’ll get a high desert, thats about $150,000 total
    a $1M luxury RV
    trade in our old 370 searay sundancer and get a new sundancer 460 which is probably around $1.5 with a trailer and all the nice options
    thats $5.65 million so far
    since ive run out of ideas, maybe upgrade to the searay L650, its about $2.2M
    that would bring the total up to $6.35 million
    probably reasonable to assume the rest was taken in taxes anyway, so thats about it.

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