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Why Jon Snow Might Have The Best Claim to The Iron_Throne



  1. Actually Raeghar was married which means John is a bastard. Daenerys is a legitimate dagther. Neither of them would have the claim for the iron throne. By right of conquest whomever destroy the Baratheons (Cercei is a Baratheon by marriegy even if she doesn’t like it) would make the rules either by legitimation (in Johns case) or by making woman having equal right of heritage.

  2. Even if the offspring is legit, Right of Conquest does not pass to the house. It passes to the victor. So if Dany is the victor, she becomes queen. If Snow is the victor, he becomes king.

  3. even raeghar and lyana did married, he was prevously married, and only the sons of the true first wife where “legit”

    jhon snow still being a bastard cause the marriage wasnt valid.

    antoher thing is that raeghar did recognized it, and nmominate him as heir…

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