Sophie Turner on Sansa’s Pregnancy Rumors: ‘I Was Just Fat That Day.’

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got season 6 more pics sansa pregnantSophie Turner spoke with extratv recentlyJ Jwhere she was asked about the rumors that her character is pregnant with Ramsay’s child. The 20 year old English actress revealed that she is aware that the rumours started when one of the official season 6 set photos showed a bump on her dress:

“There was a kind of a little bump but it was just that time of the month.. That was the worst thing you could ever see on the Internet. People are like ‘she is totally pregnant’ and I’m like ‘No, I was just fat that day.'”

Just before he died, Ramsay told Sansa that a part of him lives inside her which rekindled the pregnancy rumors. Turner admitted that at this point, nothing can be said but she hopes that Sansa is not pregnant:

“I am just kind of in denial right now. I’m hoping that she is not pregnant.”

You can watch the complete interview below.


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