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grrm david benioff dan weissGame of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss were recently asked about the increasing number of changes they have made while adapting George R.R. Martin’s novels to television and whether the author is on board with all the deviations from the source material:

“We talked to George a lot about this – especially when we started out the process – and the great thing about George is that he worked in television for more than 10 years. He’d got Emmy nominations before this [show] so he knew how the sausage got made. A lot of authors who have their work adapted have never been part of an adaptation process before and they get really precious about every last thing. Not to say that George has agreed with everything we’ve done, but by and large, on the grander scale, he gets what you need to do to adapt something and he’s a grown-up and a gentleman about it.”

The duo also reflected on some major season 6 revelations (like Jon Snow’s resurrection and parentage) but refused to reveal Martin’s feelings about these shockers, which have possibly spoiled some major plot points for the books readers:

“I don’t know how to give an answer without spoiling something for the books. The books and the series are so different now that I don’t want to say anything that might give away something that he’s going to do. We know some of the things he’s doing. We know some of his distant plans… but he doesn’t necessarily know everything that’s going to happen until he writes it!”


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