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kit harington play mcdonaldsKit Harington is currently playing the titular role in Doctor Faustus at the Duke of York’s Theater in London and it seems that theater regulars are not very pleased with the etiquettes of Game of Thrones fans, who are just there to see the Jon Snow actor and might not be really interested in the play. Richard Jordan, a UK based theater producer/critic writes:

“Have West End theatre audiences sunk to a new low?

Attending the final Friday evening performance of Doctor Faustus starring Kit Harington at the Duke of York’s Theatre, my heart sank. Further down my row in the royal circle, after the interval, a couple saw nothing wrong in producing from their bag a box of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets and a large side of fries. At the interval, they had popped out and purchased these to consume through the second half.

My night at Doctor Faustus will rate as possibly the worst West End audience I have ever encountered.

Munching certainly seemed to be the order of the day. The couple to my left ate their way through a large tub of popcorn during Act I, while the couple on my right chomped through a packet of crisps. It was like listening to eating in Dolby Stereo, and sadly at the expense of being able to properly hear the lines being spoken on stage.”

He also alleges that fans were using their smartphones during the play to take pictures and record videos:

“While the royal circle chomped its way through the performance, elsewhere was some of the most blatant use of mobile phones to record video and take pictures I have witnessed. The ushers tried their best to stop it, but in the end just gave up.

What amazed me most was this audience, many of them Game of Thrones fans, could see nothing wrong in talking, eating and taking pictures throughout the show – or complaining when asked to stop.”


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