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jon snow iron throneNow that HBO has officially confirmed Rhaegar Targaryen as Jon Snow’s father, the new ‘King in the North’ also has the best claim to become the King of the Seven Kingdoms. Even if Jon turns out to be Rhaegar’s bastard, he is still his only surviving child which gives him a better claim than anyone else alive, even Daenerys (who is now his aunt actually).

This makes things very interesting because Daenerys looks all set to take the Iron Throne from Cersei Lannister very soon, as she was close to King’s Landing in season 6 finale. With Northern Houses declaring Jon Snow as the King in the North, they have also effectively exited from the Seven Kingdoms. This also means that even if Daenerys takes the throne, she will never be a legal ruler of the North, an area believed to be as large as the rest of the Seven Kingdoms.

So, the most likely way for Daenerys to secure the North will be through marriage. This was also heavily implied during her breakup with Daario in season 6 finale. Therefore, if Daenerys does marry Jon Snow, it is likely that she will still be the main ruler because Jon anyways lacks the desire to rule at present. This can however change if both become aware of Jon’s true parentage and Daenerys decides to voluntarily step down.

This brings us to another big question- How will they come to know of this huge game changing information? The people who currently have access to this information are Bran Stark and Howland Reed (and most likely the handmaidens inside the Tower of Joy). Ideally, Bran should be the one to tell Jon about this but that would be too convenient for a show like Game of Thrones. He was left near The Wall by Benjen Stark and there is currently no way of telling how his storyline will pan out in season 7. He has the Night King’s mark on his hand and that should not be a good news for the people of Westeros, once he gets south of The Wall.

Some fans believe that Littlefinger might also be aware of Jon’s true parentage. This was also hinted in season 5 when he was in the crypts of Winterfell with Sansa. He also made it pretty clear in season 6 that he does not like Jon Snow and wants the Iron Throne for himself with Sansa by his side. So even if Lord Baelish knows about Jon’s parentage, it is unlikely that he will ever reveal this secret. In fact, he might even try to suppress this information from ever coming out.

We all know that claims mean nothing in Game of Thrones and as Cersei showed in season 6 finale, only the powerful and the cunning survive in the world of ice and fire. Jon Snow might be a skilled fighter and an amazing person at heart but he presently lacks the desire and the head to be the King of the Seven Kingdoms. Whether or not this will change, only time will tell.



  1. Ugh, I’m so tired of all the Jon Snow fanboys talking about his “claim” to the throne. First of all, Jon Snow is one of the most boring characters played by one of the worst actors in the show.

    Getting that out of the way, these people don’t understand that Targaryens DON’T have a claim to the throne. They lost it when Robert became king. The Baratheons took the throne, it’s called right of conquest, and that would make Gendry the person with the best claim to the throne.

    1. And I’m tired of this “Targaryen don’t have right because conquest”: Dany (or Jon) can use conquest too, you know -_- . And she never planned to do otherwise, so I don’t see any problem there.

      That being said, Jon does NOT have the best targaryen claim because he’s still a bastard, and bastards always come after legitimate children.

      1. How the heck and why would Jon want to conquer Westeros?

        He’s not interested in it, the White Walkers are a priority. And even after that, he wouldn’t just march into Westeros to please the fanboys.

    2. Know what I’m tired of? People speaking like they’re Grand Messiah’s of knowledge & wisdom, when in fact they’re not really that smart at all. Gendry wouldn’t have “the best claim to the throne” because Gendry is a bastard. Same as Jon. Neither of them have “the best” claim, by your very own logic. The person with the best “claim” to the throne would actually be a Lannister, because by your very logic, Baratheons DON’T have a claim to the throne. They lost it when a Lannister became king. It’s called right of conquest.

      Tyrion actually has the best claim to the throne, because Jamie gave up his claim with a lifetime vow – making Tyrion the oldest male Lannister that is still living. Even with all that in mind, the person who TRULY has the “best claim” to the throne would be the person that the people support the most, at this point. Jon, in the show, already has the support of the North. That alone makes him King in the North. Even though Sansa SHOULD be the one they rallied behind, considering she’s the last legitimate Stark that is alive, lineage means nothing if she does not have the support of the Northern houses based on her lineage. Lineage only means something if the people who can give their support decide to do so based on lineage, which we now see they are no longer doing. So right away, Jon’s claim is the “best one,” if we’re talking the North, because his is the claim that was fulfilled.

      Now, considering Cersei will most likely not last long or have much support, considering Tyrion certainly wont be sitting on the Iron Throne, and considering Jamie doesn’t want to sit on the Iron Throne? We have to now look at the next “most likely” candidate, which comes with simply HAVING A CLAIM. That next ruler will most likely be decided based on who has “the BEST” claim & the most support. Daenerys, being a Targaryen, has a massive claim to the throne simply because she is a Targaryen. What I mean by this, is that there are still many Targaryen supporters alive & well in Westeros. She already has the Dornish backing her, she already has the Tyrell’s backing her, she also has a huge army and DRAGONS. Jon also has a huge claim to the throne, because he already has the North backing him, he already has the (supposed) backing of the Vale, and he is – bastard or not, the last living son of the former King in the North.

      I’d be singing a different tune if this were in a book discussion, but we’re talking about the show here, and tbh… nothing you said was insightful or correct.

      1. I assume you’ve never read the books, because you have no idea how the succession works in Westeros.

        Read the books, read “The Princess and The Queen” to learn about the Dance of the Dragons (which was a war started BECAUSE of succession rights), and how part of its aftermath was re-defining order of succession.

        There hasn’t been a Lannister king (Joffrey and Tommen were Baratheons in paper). There’s only been a Lannister queen (Cersei now).

        Jamie has a better clain than Tyrion BECAUSE he was released from his vow by Tommen. Seems you didn’t pay attention to the show either.

        It doesn’t matter who “people” support the most. Jon doesn’t have the best claim by far, and even if he did, it’s not a fucking democracy, he’s not gonna be king just because you fanboys drool over him. He’s focused on stopping the goddamn White Walkers anyway, in case you missed that while oogling over Jon.

        But yes, they should’ve rallied behind Sansa, at least we agreed on something.

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