Varys Did Not Teleport, Daenerys Picked Him Up and She’s Close to King’s Landing

varys behind daenerysAt the beginning of Game of Thrones season 6 finale, we saw Varys in Dorne with Ellaria Sand and Olenna Tyrell. At the end of the episode, he was standing behind Daenerys as she had set sail for King’s Landing to take the Iron Throne. Fans were wondering how could that be possible? How can Varys cover such a long distance in such a short period of time? Actually he didn’t. Daenerys left Meeren without him on board and picked him up on her way to King’s Landing, with the armies from Dorne and Highgarden travelling with her. Check out the evidence below.

dany is close to westeros proofAs you can see in the map, it would have not made sense for Varys to travel back to Meeren and then sail back on the same path, as Sunspear (Dorne) is on the route from Meereen to King’s Landing. So Olenna went back to Highgarden, while Varys & Ellaria waited for Tyrell and Targaryen armies to arrive. This seems the most logical explanation right now and it also means Daenerys is currently close to King’s Landing. And it is safe to assume that she and Tyrion are also aware of what his sister has unleashed there. Looks like Cersei’s reign will be extremely short-lived.


  1. you are most likely right if we take under consideration the sigils , but if they are there what will happen with Euron i am expecting a huge naval battle in which daenerys will win but will loose half or more of her army , why is that ? She is extremely wp with so many forces she must be nerfed , conquer king’s landing in a day will not be helpfull for the storyline.

    1. Euron doesn’t have the ships nor the men to contend with her fleet. They haven’t progressed to the point where they have cannons for fleet battles. Would be crazy if Euron was who first brought that technology to pass but I’m extremely doubtful..

      Let us not forget the three Dragons that could and would completely decimate any sea based fleet, I believe that the biggest conflict will be actually taking Casterly Rock and the other Kingdoms saving Westerns for last. Or have her completely steamroll the 7 Kingdoms in Season 7 and Season 8 will be all about the White Walkers

      1. They had that scene with Euron talking about building 1000 ships for a reason. In episode 10, months had gone by. So Euron should be done building by the next season. Also, if he intends to build 1000 ships, then he must have the men to man these ships. Therefore, if there was a battle between Dany and Euron, -with the dragons out of the equation (Dragon horn)- it would be a close battle.

      2. It was his intention to gift her the 1000 ships, The Iron Islands don’t have enough men to sail all of those ships effectively, that’s enough for his men AND Danys army but not his alone. If he was going to sail all of that with his own men they wouldn’t constantly settle for attacking Northern Villages, never pushing deeper into the north. The entire plan is to give her the ships, marry Dany and rule.

        And without any guns or cannons on those ship naval battles are impossible and given the alliances with Dorne AND Highgarden as well as the Iron Islands best ships there’s literally no chance for Euron even without dragons in the picture.

        Euron best choice now (albeit impossible) is a political marriage to the current Queen and siding against Dany. With the Lannister men added to the Ironborn it would be a bit closer but still relatively one sided in my opinion. Can’t wait to find out for sure though

      3. He wants to become allies with Dany because she has lots of power and because she hates the lords of Westeros just as much as he does. Euron wants to rule beside dany, so I doubt he’ll marry the current Queen (Cersei).

        The reason he hasn’t attacked already (assuming he has the men) was because he wasn’t the King. Now that he is, he intends to. Especially now that he knows that Dany shares his goal of conquering Westeros.

        However, I’m curious to see where Euron’s character will go from here, now that Dany has rejected him by accepting Yara’s proposal. If he has a Dragon Horn, it could make things very interesting.

      4. On the Sea the Ironborn stand no chance. Plain and simple. It’s impossible to engage in any type of real Naval battle. The iron born cannot take on the Dothraki Army, Dornish Army, and Army of Highgarden.

        We haven’t seen catapults, trebuchets, ballistic, or ram prows at any point in the show. How will the Ironborn board and attack 3 armies worth of ships? They don’t speak of engaging armies on the water, the whole plan to start was to go over with the Dothraki lead by Drogo, Dothraki aren’t exactly known for their ferocity on water.

      5. we know the world is at least early medieval level of technology.

        all of the technology mentioned above was available in the ancient world (which saw its fair share of naval battles)

        the books have PLENTY of examples of naval battles happening, regardless of what has and hasnt made it onto the show.

        therefore a naval battle is VERY possible.

      6. If there hasn’t been any mention or reference to naval battles on the show why would they risk shoehorning it in half assedly?

        While I absolutely love the idea of a full out Naval battle, a “battle of the bastards” type episode I simply don’t see it happening. We’d see a repeat of what happened to the Master’s ships on a much larger scale but a Naval battle simply isn’t happening. There’s no way to pull that off with zero history or even a mention. “nobody can defeat the iron born fleet in the water” even something as small as that said on the show gives us something to question, and they’d very well deliver on.

        If I’m wrong about this and this is brought up here in the future I will gladly admit I was wrong and “eat crow” (pun intended lol)

      7. What? We didnt see catapults? What was launching those fireballs they were flinging at Mereen in episode 9? Seemed like catapults to me…

      8. You’re absolutely right, in my excitement over the Season Finale I completely forgot about that part. I’ll admit that I was wrong in that regard but I still don’t see it being the same in the open sea but I’d love to seen how that works, would be some amazing shots as opposed to just bombarding a stationary city

        Thanks for pointing that out

      9. Fair enough, we all forget things. It would be interesting to see how they pull off the fight overall, if one does indeed happen at sea.

      10. Agreed, while I can’t personally see it taking place I feel I’d be a huge waste to have a trip by sea with ZERO taking place. Just because Yara and Theon have made a deal doesn’t mean Euron will just accept it lying down. He’s come much too far to kinda just be like “OK here have the Iron Islands back” we have about a year before we find out but let’s keep our fingers crossed for the best lol

      11. Oo yeah, Euron seemed hellbent on wrecking havoc in his last scene, whether he makes the ships himself or teams up with other houses, something will happen. No way he sits at home like a sitting duck.

      12. Do note that Naval battle is the Ironborn, and Euron specifically’s speciality. Wheras Deanerys’ army is entirely land based. So I would say their best chance WOULD be a naval battle (however Dragons/fire and boats are not a good combo)

      13. Did you ever see a single tree in any of the shots of the Iron Islands? In the books they’re described as barren rocks. So yea, if he magically gets 1,000 ships it will be because of poor writing and not cutting down trees.

      14. What? I didn’t even mention trees. But yes, I agree that it would be poor writing. I just assumed that he has a way to build the 1000 ships. Maybe the lack of trees will play a part next season.

        It would be pretty pointless to introduce Euron this late, only to do nothing, other than give Yara and Theon the motive to side with Dany.

      15. No you didn’t mention trees but in the one episode that Euron was in he was all like “cut every tree down on the Iron Islands” and I’m all like “what tree’s?” But yea apparently his way of building them is by cutting down non-existent tree’s. I’m not surprised though with the bad writing and story lines that are not smooth since they no longer have the books to work with. We’re now seeing that the true genius, as book readers have known, is Martin and D&D have only done as well as they have because of his work and fail pretty hard when having to come up with their own material.

      16. What about that horn Euron has in the books? It’s a terrifying object and has something to do with dragons, only l forgot what exactly that is. And it’s not mentioned in the show 🙂

      17. In the books euron (or victarion) have the dragon horn, which can control dragons. So Dany might be in for 1 hell of a fight

      18. The show had opted out of a lot of plot points from the books simply because the setups and the way characters interact would take up much more time than they have for 10 episodes

        Though I wouldn’t mind at all if the series started with double the episodes and we got more book content but I think viewers would be confused with all the scheming, random characters appearing and dying and after a few seasons many might lose interest. The show serves as a great straight path to the end while the books take the scenic route (like the complete lack of Dornish content while they had big plans in the books)

      19. The thing is that Euron has the dragon’s horn, if I remember correctly… So if she goes up against him, the consequences could be dire…

      20. Not in the show, no horn was mentioned at any point and the biggest point in the books regarding the horn was the confrontation in Meeren which has long since passed. The correct timing to use the horn to take her Dragons would be if he arrived in Meeren when Yara and Theon did

        I’d like to see the horn mentioned as a Trump card of sorts. Would make for a little piece of drama

  2. If it was being based on the book I would agree, however I don’t really know what the hell is going on since D&D have had so many HUGE plot holes, mistakes in the story that just don’t make any sense, and a whole host of other screw ups that can be directly traced to poor writing.

  3. Why can’t months have expired between Varys being in Dorne, to Varys returning to Mereen? Why is that a concept too hard for everyone to get their head around? It’s the last scene of the episode so there was nothing to suggest a lot of time hadn’t passed by.

    Tyrion made it sound like there wasn’t really enough ships during the meeting with Yara and Theon. Why would Varys go to Dorne only to say “hey let’s join sides”? Daeny and co. could have done that when they reached the coast of Dorne. It seems far more likely Varys was seeking help with transport for Daeny, as well as making alliances.

    What’s even more odd about the article theory is why would they risk a battle with anyone at all on sea, when they are clearly superior on land? Even if Daeny wanted to head to King’s Landing by sea, what would be the point of the Tyrell army going by sea as well, when there’s a much shorter path by land AND one which would allow for a flanking maneuvre? The same applies to the Dornish.

    Also the Dorne’s and Tyrell’s aren’t likely to want to go after Euron first. In fact there’s nothing to suggest they want anything to do with that fight.

    1. I agree with most of this.

      Theon and Yara definitely didn’t have enough ships so the alliance would make the most sense in terms of help for transport.

      A battle at Sea would be ridiculously one sided with her Dragons as they made sure to showcase in Episode 9.

      They all went by sea simply because I believe they wanted this grand “we’re coming!” moment to end the Season, also we don’t see any Dornish or Tyrell soldiers so maybe they’ve been just given the ships? Dany would definitely accept the help but I feel she would want to deal with the conquest personally, and basically give Cersei to Highgarden , and the rest of the Lannisters go to the Dornish. Of course the Iron islands go back to Yara and Theon

      Donne and Tyrell wouldn’t want to bother with the Iron Islands, which supports the “Dany was given ships” idea rather than “let’s all go to King’s Landing together!” idea

      Also, while taking the Iron Islands, learning of what’s going on in the North MIGHT give Tyrion reason to counsel Dany into rallying the North as well, because The North has NO love for the current Queen and Lannisters as well.

      Tyrion has a history with Jon, not exactly history but they remember each other, have a sort of understanding and with Tyrion playing the middle man Jon is sure to hear them out and give the North’s aid…

      On the condition that Dany and Dragons help with the White Walkers!

      “There won’t be a Kingdom to rule if we don’t stop them” conversation would take place

      1. I like it, except the Dornes and Tyrell’s should get in on the KL action. Grandma Tyrell and Mrs Sand (lol) are too feisty and p’d off to just kick back now. Maybe filming budget alone would keep them out of it, but if the writers really just want them to kick back, well that’s just boring and soft.

      2. Yes, this is supposed to be Dany unifying the realm, while she has the support of Dorne and Highgarden if they just hung back it’d be odd.

        If Dany needs the support of the other Kingdoms she’ll have to take a couple of detours (The North as I said before)

        Perhaps the Dornish will go to take Lannisport, and Highgarden will… I have no idea at this point lol. I’m too excited for next season I can’t wait!

      3. I watched that last scene again. You can’t see who’s manning the Tyrrell and Dorne ships. :S

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