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Game of Thrones showrunner David Benioff on Jon & Sansa’s relationship at the end of season 6 finale and the second ‘King in the North’ scene in the show:

“Sansa, she does love her brother and they have had a conflicted past. Over the course of this season, they have come to really rely upon each other but she doesn’t necessarily trust him completely and she didn’t tell him about the meeting with Littlefinger. She didn’t tell him that she summoned the Knights of the Vale. There’s definitely like a little hint of conflict there. We see that come out in episode 9 where she’s at the war council, where no one asked her opinion despite the fact that she knows Ramsay better than anyone. So I think there’s a little bit of anger about that, a little bit of jealousy and that relationship will be crucial to watch.”

robb stark king in the north

He adds:

“We see the second King in the North scene with Jon. I think that it was important to us that it evokes that first King in the North scene. It’s very different circumstances, different environment. They are at Winterfell instead of a military encampment.┬áIn some ways the evocation of first one is meant to be a little bit worrisome because it is a very triumphant moment when Robb is named King in the North but it didn’t go so well for him. So I think we have to be a little worried for Jon and at the same time, it’s a pretty big reversal. For a character who is dead at the beginning of the season to be declared King at the end of it, he’s done well. He’s done well in 10 short episodes.”

Check out more in the video below.


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