Season 6 Finale Receives Overwhelming Acclaim From Fans and Critics

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sept of baelor explodesGame of Thrones season 6 finale has received universal acclaim from fans and critics. The episode is rated 10/10 on IMDB (fourth episode in television history and second Game of Thrones episode in a row to achieve this) and 9.6/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics have also given their thumbs up to ‘The Winds of Winter’, praising the explosive King’s Landing storyline, revelation of Jon’s true parentage & his ascension to becoming the ‘King in the North’, Arya’s revenge on Walder Frey and Daenerys finally setting sail for Westeros.

Michael Calia of The Wall Street Journal commended the episode’s writing:

“It’s a good thing… that the season finale was full of massive developments, tying up several plot threads while leaving some others dangling in the most tantalizing way. This was the most complete episode of Game of Thrones yet, and possibly the best. Dany and her fleet are finally sailing to Westeros, her great dragons casting shadows over the waves. It’s on.”

Matt Flower of IGN writes:

“The stories in the North and Meereen stayed a bit quiet as all their action got taken care of last week, leaving Cersei’s big plot to destroy the Sept and everyone in it as this finale’s big suspenseful and explosive set piece. Elsewhere, there were big reveals and revenge kills that helped everything add up to a very surprising and satisfying season finale. The actual staging and pacing of the trial and violent reckoning was really cool, with everyone getting dressed and little puzzle pieces falling into place, little birds leading men to their deaths, and Ramin Djawadi’s excellent score.”

James Hibberd of Entertainment Weekly was excited about the upcoming conflicts in next season:

“Though the finale shifted from the battlefield, the events were, if anything, far more seismic, with game-changing revelations and huge moves from every corner of the realm that established some very clear new conflicts going into season 7.”

Jeremy Egner of The New York Times praised Miguel Sapochnik direction:

“Ms. Headey’s performance was but one element in a sequence that, technically, ranks among the show’s best. Miguel Sapochnik, who directed last week’s battle-heavy episode, brought a different kind of precision and urgency to Sunday’s installment. Cersei’s scheme unspooled amid insistent strings and a series of shots — those vicious little birds taking out Pycelle, Lancel and the dwindling candle-fuse, Margaery’s growing concern and rising tension in the Sept — that built inexorably to the High Sparrow’s realization that he wasn’t as smart as he thought.”


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