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arya kills walder freyIn a featurette released by HBO, Maisie Williams reflects on Arya’s storyline in Game of Thrones season 6 finale (The Winds of Winter):

“As the seasons go on on and on, it’s nice to still be a part of the show as not many characters make it. Upon reading my storyline this year, I was really excited. It’s something that we don’t see but when Arya arrives back in Westeros, she’s out of touch with where people are, she’s been out of touch for a really, really long time but if there’s one person on her list that she is 95% sure where they will be, it’s Walder Frey. She decides to go to the Twins and then in that scene, when Arya kills Walder Frey, she thinks it’s very important for him to know exactly who she is.

It’s the most unexpected family in Walder Frey’s eyes that would come for him. He’s done a lot wrong but he’s so confident that he’s safe and Walder Frey is such an evil, evil character. She doesn’t need to explain why. He’s fully aware of why she’s doing it. Although Arya wouldn’t know her mother’s throat was cut, she does the same deed, which for her story’s point of view is very very cool… One thing we can take away from this series after watching Arya’s storyline is that she’s definitely back.”

Check out more in the video below.



  1. She did know her mothers throat was cut, she overheard some soldiers telling the tale of the Red Wedding and how her throat was cut, then Arya and the Hound kill them

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