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loras finn jones iron fistSer Loras Tyrell, one of the most accomplished fighters in King’s landing, met his demise during the wildfire massacre at King’s Landing, moments after he confessed to his ‘crimes’ to the Seven. Entertainment Weekly caught up with Finn Jones and he spoke about his character’s death on Game of Thrones and playing Iron Fist in the upcoming Netflix series:

“He’s not the Ser Loras who was the gleaming Knight of Flowers who all the girls want to marry and all the dudes want to be. He’s just lost his will do anything but get out of this hell. I imagine he’s been beaten every day, abused physically, sexually and mentally. He can’t take anymore. All he knows is his sister, who he’s relied on and always been by his side. He’s just begging her to help him.”

He adds:

“From a personal point of view, I would have loved to be there to the very end. But I think the timing of it was so perfect. Better to blaze out, quite literally, than fade out in seasons to come. I was really grateful for all the time on Game of Thrones. I don’t think there could be a better end for my character. I felt very satisfied. From an acting and character perspective, I was just really grateful. It’s amazing how everything works out for the right reasons sometime.”

Jones is playing the titular role in Marvel’s Iron Fist and admits that he was relieved when he landed the part, after he lost his job on Game of Thrones:

“I was terrified! I had been on Thrones for six years. It was yearly employment. Now I was at a crossroads and I had to think of what the future is. I was very blessed that something like this has come along at the right moment.”

He tells more about the role:

“I love the character. What really drew me was the character and the story. I really enjoy how he’s a superhero with a real heart but has spiritual elements as well. I think it’s going to be an exciting character to play because there’s this contraction of on one hand he’s from a very wealthy family, he’s a billionaire, on the other hand he’s been in this world of K’un-Lun for a long time where he’s learned kung fu and buddhist philosophy. There’s a contradiction in those elements that’s going to be really fun to play.”

Game of Thrones showrunners call actors whose characters they are killing off before they start filming the season, which is famously known as the ‘death call’ among the cast members. Jones reveals his ‘death call’ from D&D:

“Well, I got scripts 1 through 9 and read them all and thought, ‘Cool, cool, cool. This is good. I only got episode 10 to come.’ I felt really positive, there’s only one more episode left! Then it was the evening before we got together for the table read and they were holding back the script for episode 10. And I was like, ‘Why didn’t I get episode 10 yet? That’s really weird. It’s 5 p.m. and we’re doing it tomorrow. Why haven’t I received it?’ And just as I was saying that I get a call from [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss]. And as I’m picking up, I’m staying positive, thinking, ‘Maybe they’re checking in to say ‘Hi.” And they were just like [a long pause of dead silence….]. And I was like ‘Ahhhh, God no! I was so close to season 7!'”


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