Liam Cunningham: ‘Sansa Might Have a Problem With Jon Running Winterfell’

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Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) and Liam Cunningham (Ser Davos) share their views on the Winterfell plot from the finale of Game of Thrones season 6:

Harington: Game of Thrones is really at the heart of it.. about dysfunctional families.

Turner: There’s always been tension between them because since they were little, Sansa’s always looked up to her mother and always just taken on her mother’s for use of everything and her mother really didn’t like Jon because of the ‘whole affair’ thing. Doesn’t mean they don’t love each other but it’s just typical sibling tension.

Harington: I think Jon is oblivious. He hasn’t actually learned his lesson from trying to pay attention to what she’s feeling. He says he has but he’s asking her to trust him. He’s not listening, watching and observing her. I think that could be a real problem for him.

Cunningham: Jon is the right man for the job. We all want a leader who’s gonna be decent and honorable and I think he’s definitely entitled to be running Winterfell. Although Sansa might have a problem with that, I fear. Her relationship with Jon now, I think, is an indication of what’s going to come and I’m not sure it’s gonna be pretty.

Turner: He’s named King in the North and she gets no credit for it. Jon doesn’t acknowledge everything his sister has done for him after all that they’ve been through and it’s not that she’s looking for praise or anything. She did it because she wants revenge and also because she wants her home back. Jon’s so naive so Sansa’s just a little bit agitated.

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  1. Yeah. he fought the White Walkers, the Wildlings, his own brothers from Night’s Watch. She wanted to have a career in King’s Landing but got screwed. Then they rejoined their company, he took her into Castle Black, followed her request to take Winterfell whatever the cost. She forgot to tell him that she has cards up her sleeve. She saved the day but got pushed BY LITTLEFINGER, Jon still there for her and caring. The story’s in Middle Ages, most of the fighters are men, they want to have a king. Harrington says his character doesn’t care for her feelings.
    Man I thought you need to man up only in the show.

  2. other than send for the knights of the vale, what did sansa do to get credit for? Jon captured Ramsey, She stood outside the cage while his own dogs killed him… If she had told him about the knights of the vale perhaps jon would have had a different stragedy for the battle and not so many people would have died. While I loved her getting revenge on ramsey she really didn’t do anything to get it… I actually thought she was trying to help Jon and was happy for him… guess I was wrong about that. Also by messing with little finger she puts herself and jon at even more risk as Littlefinger isn’t going to take rejection well….

    1. “other than send for the knights of the vale”

      Uhm, dude, do you need more than that? The Knights of the Vale saved the day. Period. That’s what she wanted recognition for.

      Put yourself in Sansa’s shoes during that “King in the North” scene. No one even acknowledges her. They are talking about how they have one king whose name is Stark, and they turn to Jon SNOW. Sure, Sansa said that she considers him a Stark, but you have to remember that Sansa was brought up in a way that bastards are considered less.

      Maybe she doesn’t care about ruling Winterfell, but the fact that everyone was praising Jon, her bastard half brother, when she (an actual Stark) was the one that saved the day, probably would’ve pissed you off too.

      Maybe it’s not a huge deal, but I expect some sibling tension on the rise.

      1. Did you watch the whole episode? He IS a stark.Even though he is in no way in line to inherit Winterfell (Would be Bran, the son of Ned, and then Sansa).

      2. Did you watch the whole series/read the books? He’s not a Stark until he’s legitimized. He could’ve been the son of a Stark mother and a Stark father for all I care, but in paper (which is what matters in Westeros), he’s a Snow, not a Stark. And that’s what I meant.

      3. well apparently that doesn’t matter as much to the people of the north. They have clearly shown that they respect the character of a man over the lack of legitimacy.

      4. the thing is, SHE didn’t really save the day… Little finger did… all she did was write a message…. Then not say a word about the possibility of that aid to anyone including Jon. She could have mentioned it… that information likely would have changed Jons plan, and saved a lot of lives… yet she said nothing… While i feel for her for what Ramsey put her through, I still don’t find her very useful. At the dinner she just sat there… didn’t say a word… She is the lady of winterfell… she was with in her rights to speak yet she did not… Its hard to pay attention to a person who sits there like a decoration. If you don’t speak you can hardly complain about being ignored…

        I also can’t put myself in Sansa’s shoes as I would have told Jon right away about the Knights of the Vale and about littlefingers obsession with her. I wouldn’t have kept it to myself because i understand that commanders in an army need to know all the facts…. You also seem to forget that it was SANSA’S idea to attack winterfell.Those men only needed saving because she convinced Jon to attack by using Rickon as motivation which she later revealed she didn’t even believe. She already knew they would never get him back alive… she told jon so right before the actual battle, yet to convince him to attack in the first place she was all lets do it for our brother… Seems deceptive to me…

        One last thing… Jon does in fact have Stark blood. He would be more in line for the iron throne rather than winterfell though… I hope Sansa and Jon can present a united Stark force now… She was horrible to him as a child, it would be a shame if she was still horrible to him as an adult.

      5. I think she didn’t want to say anything so that Jon’s army would be wiped out with him. Then she would have it all for herself with no one to challenge her. Except Arya who always seemed to be willing to irritate her sister for her ways. I don’t remember Arya having anything against Jon so that might be a team up.

        As for her saving the day, asking for help really wasn’t that big of a deal. It is a big deal that it helped win the fight but really asking someone to fight for you is not worthy of praise on the asker. Jon asked for help. Jon did the fighting. Jon took the beatings. She wrote a letter then sat on a horse. If we want to discuss who had it worse I would think dying kind of tips it a little in Jons favor for having it worse. Both got hosed.

        In a way you could say if Sansa wasn’t so happy to run into the arms of that little psycho just so she could be queen that she wouldn’t have ended up like she did. I never liked Sansa character and it’s selfish attitude. I think maybe that Sansa character might have snapped a little and would be a bad choice to run things. Jon for all that has happened to him still wants to do the right thing. Which isn’t always the correct thing.

      6. Yh while sans was eating lemon pies, Jon was figthing wildings and walkers in the north, while she used to get raped (like Daenerys was) he was killed. She is responsible for a lot of death and now she will get some issues with Littlefinger who isn’t Jorah Mormont.

      7. “One last thing… Jon does in fact have Stark blood. He would be more in line for the iron throne rather than winterfell though”

        First of all, no one ever denied Jon having Stark blood. He’s still a bastard. But if you wanna play that card, then Gendry is more in line for the iron throne than Jon. Hell, even if he’s legitimized as a Targaryen, he won’t be in line for the throne since the Targaryens lost it to the Baratheons by right of conquest.

        Jon isn’t legitimized, therefore he isn’t in line for anything. The people in the North want him as King in the North, then fine, so be it. But that doesn’t turn him into a Stark in the eyes of everything south of The Neck.

      8. actually you did say he wasn’t an actual stark… He is. Be he a bastard or not he is a stark by blood. Just not the way he thinks he is… And I never said he was direct in line for the throne.. I said he had a better claim on it than on winterfell. There is a difference… And Since the Baratheon line is pretty much dead the Targaryens have just as much right to the throne as really anyone. They probably have more since they had ruled in the past… Personally I think Jon would make a bad king by himself.. Same with Danny. With out Tyrion she would not be a great ruler. She needs advisers that are more knowledgeable and politically savvy than she is, as does Jon…

        the main point of my post was that Sansa hasn’t really earned the respect of the people the way Jon has. She lied, kept secrets and was a victim. None of that is going to get her respected in the same way Jon is just because she wrote a letter to a man who is obsessed with her. I have never really understood why she is such a popular character as she never really does anything that isn’t selfishly motivated. I get that she wants to survive as does everyone else but she just hasn’t done anything that would earn her the respect of the entire north enough for them to call her Queen of the north…

        Can you tell me, what has she done to earn the respect and loyality of the people of the north? What has she sacrificed for them? What has she done to make their lives better?

      9. He’s not a Stark. He’s a Snow. Read the books and you’ll understand more about bastardy in the world of ASOIAF.

        The Baratheon line is dead except for Gendry, and even then, the throne would first go to Cersei’s line through her marriage with Robert than go back to the Targaryens (who lost it by right of conquest). Sure, Targaryens and Baratheons are related, but they still lost their right and would have to make a claim through conquest if they wanted to start a new dynasty.

        I’m not a Sansa fanboy, I actually find her quite annoying and most of the time her decisions are quite stupid. And yeah, she hasn’t earned the respect and loyalty of the north or the wildlings. But still, if the show had Cersei as the queen instead of Jaime it means they are using the pre-dance of dragons succession system (where both Rhaenyra and Aegon II fought for “who had the better claim”), which means Sansa would go before Jon since he’s not legitimized as a Stark yet.

  3. While I love Jon Snow, I was also a little perturbed that Sansa, a legitimate Stark, isn’t the one crowned “Queen of the North”!!!

    1. Well, he fought in the war against Baltons. He earned others loyalty there. Plus we should also remember that Sansa has never been into these kind of things, but Jon was always a warrior.

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