‘The Idea of Cersei Without her Children is a Pretty Terrifying Prospect’: David Benioff

cersei-iron-throneGame of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss reflect on the King’s Landing storyline in season 6 finale [The Winds of Winter].

Weiss: At this point in the story, we are trying to kind of play with the pieces that we’ve got on the board. The wildfire was something that we had on the board. We knew from Jaime’s conversation with Brienne that there was wildfire under the city. We know from episode 2 that there was wildfire under the city. Everything that Olenna says about Cersei earlier in the season is true that she’s got no more friends left. She has no more power left. Olenna asks her point blank ‘What? Are you gonna kill everyone yourself?’. It’s possible that she puts an idea in Cersei’s head or at least augments an idea that’s already been in Cersei’s head.

Benioff: By the time that Lancel Lannister gets down there and sees that there is this massive catacomb and something suspicious is going on, I think you’ve got to start wondering ‘what the hell’s this plot?’.

Weiss: You see Margaery is realizing slowly and horribly like ‘what is actually happening here?’. It’s all been building up to this moment and then BOOM! She’s really achieved a stunning and very surprising victory against everybody who’s opposing her all at once. Meanwhile, while this is happening, Tommen’s alone. This fragile, malleable, devastated child basically sitting there without anybody to comfort him and if she had been there, he wouldn’t have gone out of that window. She failed him and she alone failed him here.

Benioff: I think the idea of Cersei without her children is a pretty terrifying prospect because it was the one thing that really humanized her, her love of her kids and as much a monster she could sometimes be, she was a mother who truly did love her children and now those children are gone and all she’s got is power and she’s got a lot of it. I mean she’s the queen sitting on the Iron Throne. I don’t think that bodes well for anyone really and I think you know even for Jaime who loves her, I think it’s a terrifying moment. She’s capable of doing anything as she’s proven in this episode to get what she wants and the real question now is what does she want?

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  1. Tommen’s fate was already sealed by prophecy. I had assumed that Cersei sent Frankenmountain down there to kill him quickly and cleanly in order to get it over with.

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