‘You’ve to be a Little Worried About Where Arya Goes from Here’: David Benioff

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Game of Thrones showrunner David Benioff reflects on Walder Frey’s murder by Arya Stark in season 6 finale:

“Arya is someone whose path has been very dark and yet I think we can all see where she’s coming from. She’s seen the Stark family endure so many atrocities and she wants vengeance. In some ways, it’s the cleanest narrative of them all. This is the scene we’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. Her return to Westeros and revenge upon Walder Frey.”

He adds:

“It’s a worrisome narrative for Arya because you know she started as this little girl who is always tough and plucky but she’s become a murderer and a highly skilled murderer and even if the murders are justifiable, we still witnessed the descent of this girl into someone who’s capable of slitting a man’s throat and then kind of smiling as she watches him bleed out. I don’t think anyone’s gonna be crying over the fate of Walder Frey but still, if you love Arya, you have to be a little worried about where she goes from here.”

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    1. Am sooo waiting for his death. [Spoiler] He now has some business with Sansa. I think its not going to be easy for her in the next season

  1. I’m pretty sure since there was no legal way for her to get Frey, who murdered her brother, sister-in-law, and mother that most would be hard pressed to call what she did murder exactly. And even if it is murder, she has mentioned her list and there is only one reason for the list. I would call her someone who keeps her promises.

    1. I agree with this completely. Actions have consequences. We live in a world that seems to have forgotten that. Arya hasn’t forgotten. She keeps to an older code.

  2. wouldnt she already be a murderer for stabbing that dude through the throat while the hound searches for more chicken lol

  3. Murderer?? I think Assassin is the word you are looking for. And people who love Arya have since long waited for this to happen.

  4. No one is worried. Her heart died a long time ago. Countless of senseless acts against her are to thank for that. Now all that remains is revenge and retribution. This is who she was always meant to become.

  5. The child could not survive without her protective family. She could have become a slave or if lucky, a depressed house servant, in hiding, with the horrors that accompany weakness in her world.
    So yes, we can mourn for the child that Aria was. She is dead and gone. However, the she who remains has a stronger moral code than even the “good guys” in the show. Well the living ones, at least.
    I fear there is no happy ending for her. Not even with Gandry.

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