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got actors when young



  1. I don’t know how you came up with the false attribution to the picture of Dianna Rigg as Emma Peel. The original Avengers TV series had Honor Blackman in the first series, playing Emma Peel. She was replaced by Dianna Rigg. The picture above is Dianna Rigg. Patrick McNee played John Steed. I watched every single episode with Dianna Rigg, as did my mother.
    There was never any actress named Tyrrel in the series.

    1. “Tyrell” is the name of character Dianna Rigg has played in Game of Thrones. This article was probably written mainly for Game of Thrones fans, who could be more familiar with the name of character than with the actual name of actress – that’s why the picture above names her that way. All of the remaining pictures also use names of characters, not names of actors.

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