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davos melisandre shireen confrontationLiam Cunningham teases his character’s storyline in the upcoming finale [The Winds of Winter] of Game of Thrones season 6, after Davos learns the truth about Shireen in episode 9:

“It’s a punch to the chest. Especially after what happened in the first couple of episodes of this season, when he’s almost trying to repair the relationship between the two of them… One of the most difficult lines I ever had to say is ‘you were right’. It’s a very simple sentence but it just felt it’s so out of character for Davos to be saying that to Melisandre. At the same time he wants her help with the whole Jon Snow situation. [Davos and Melisandre] team up at the beginning of [season six] and the audience knows what she’s done to the one person who means so much to him, who meant so much to him. That’s what’s brilliant about the writing the audience were in possession of that information but he wasn’t. Now he is and we’re going to see at some stage a confrontation of sorts […] so that should be interesting, where that goes.”


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