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Tormund+and+Brienne+Game+of+Thrones+Season+6[1]One of the most talked about things in Game of Thrones season 6 is the current seemingly one-sided romance between Tormund and Brienne. Fans have reacted positively to this possibility of a new couple which started when Brienne first arrived at Castle Black and Tormund was completely smitten by the maid of Tarth. An awkward dinner table stare followed by the look on Tormund’s face when Brienne was leaving said it all. Fans began to ‘ship’ these two aggressively and thousands of memes and YouTube montages followed.

tormund looks at brienneBut they were separated soon and though we are glad that Tormund survived the Battle of the Bastards, this easter egg from episode 9 has led us to believe that a sweet reunion is definitely on the cards. Check out this GIF of Brienne fighting the Hound (Season 4 episode 10) and Tormund from the battle:

That does not look like a coincidence and showrunners definitely wanted us to spot that. Both are fearsome six-foot warriors and seems like they both have a thing for biting and spitting the chunks out of their rivals. Torienne/Brimund needs to happen and if it doesn’t, then honestly the whole show is flawed.


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