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ramsay bloodBattle of the Bastards director Miguel Sapochnik was asked about Ramsay’s death and he revealed that he initially wanted to make people feel for Ramsay but showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss didn’t agree. They wanted no one to sympathize with him and wrote an ironically gruesome death for the character:

“I must admit I kind of wanted to make people start to feel for Ramsay in that wonderful way Thrones turns these things on their head but [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] were clear: They didn’t want anyone to sympathize with Ramsay Bolton and this time they wanted blood.

In a way I agree, this is not a time to be morally ambiguous. Ramsay needs to die, and horribly. This is what the audience has been waiting to see. That said, there’s no need to dwell on the actual carnage. What’s left to our imagination is always way worse. The most effective moment for me was the sound of a squealing pig you hear from Ramsay in the background as Sansa walks away. Apparently it’s actually what happens when you rip someone’s wind pipe open while they’re still alive and gasping for air.

The other thing I loved was the close-up shot of Sansa as she watches the dogs attack. There’s a moment where she turns to leave but then stops and leans back in, lingering a moment longer. It’s my favorite shot of my episodes this year.”



  1. The only good decision D&D have made thus far. Still falls far from making up for what they did to the Dorne story and leaving out Jon Connington and Young Griff, as two of many examples.

    1. The Griff one is the most baffling of all the changes/edits from the books. How can you just completely wipe out that character from existence?

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