Sophie Turner: ‘It’s so Great to be Able to Have my First Kill’

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sansa smiles after ramsay dies“Everyone is just saying, ‘I hope you kill Ramsay’,” Sophie Turner reveals the fan reaction she got after season 5. And Game of Thrones fans finally had their wish fulfilled when Sansa Stark fed Ramsay Bolton to his one-week-starved hounds at the end of ‘Battle of the Bastards’. Turner tells EW:

“It was amazing! I really loved the idea of the Battle of the Bastards. And I was loving the idea of Jon killing Ramsay. But then I was like, no, Sansa needs her first kill and it has to be Ramsay. No one else but her. And when he basically says, ‘He’s yours.’ I’m like, ‘Yes!’ She leaves him for dead, walks away doesn’t even watch him die. It’s such a great scene, so well written, and it’s so great to be able to have my first kill.”

The 20 year old English actress also revealed that Ramsay has ‘definitely’ changed Sansa forever:

“It shows when she sees him in this scene. With Joffrey it was different. He was a little boy and he was so angry at her all the time. Whereas with Ramsay there would be serenity, and then he would be such a bastard – in every sense of the word. He just gets under her skin, and he violated her in such a terrible way. He’s imprinted on her, mentally and physically. She can never get that part of her back again.”

Turner also spoke about Sansa’s decision to reach out to Petyr Baelish, who arrived just in time to rescue Jon’s army:

“Jon doesn’t listen to her. She can actually formulate a plan behind his back and they need it. So she does save the day. But she doesn’t really gets her thanks. Her reward is killing Ramsay.”



  1. I like how they keep referring to ‘first kill’, meaning it isn’t her last, hmmm Littlefinger is my bet!

  2. Hey! In the case of Ramsay, sad to see such a villain go! But, as they say about such villain’s, “Gotta go, Gotta go!” And it was nice to see How Sana dealt him what he promised to deal them when the battle was over! Karma is wonderful sometimes! Now, who’s gonna deal some of this Karma to Trump and Hillary? Sansa’s next Kills? We dare too dream!!

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