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yara daenerys shake handsGame of Thrones season 6 episode 9 (The Battle of the Bastards) had another storyline- Daenerys’ meeting with Yara, which not only went well but there was also a little flirtation between the two. Gemma Whelan and Emilia Clarke reflect on the events of the the episode. Here’s Whelan:

“We want the Iron Islands back basically. That’s all we want. We don’t want the Seven Kingdoms. We just want what’s rightfully ours. This is sort of like.. if this doesn’t work out what are we gonna do. I really can’t undermine myself by being too anxious but also the stakes are huge. And yet I think Daenerys and Yara quite like the cut of each other’s jib. We’re two strong women who have had very evil fathers and I think we just want what’s rightfully ours and I think she respects that. In return, we will respect what she wants and change our ways so we can work together.”

Clarke adds:

“This is the lovely thing about where Daenerys is now at. She gets to meet much more of her peers. She sees people who were in a similar place of power who have been born into a strong family but the simplicity of what the Greyjoys want is just that they want their land and they want to be the new generations coming in to rule and that’s something Daenerys understands and loves. It’s like.. oh! Here’s another badass chick in the place.. okay! There’s mild flirtation which is exciting to say the least. I mean get rid of Daario.. Bring on the ladies.. Why not?”

Check out their interviews in the video below.



  1. come on!!!! really? let me see… If yara can’t have a baby (W+W = 0 babies) how the fck she is going to save her family name?

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