Fan Theory Suggests That Varys Orchestrated the Attack on Meereen

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varys attack meereenAfter Varys left Meereen for a secret mission in the last episode of Game of Thrones season 6, the city was attacked by the Masters of Slaver’s Bay. This led many fans to speculate that the timing of naval assault being so close to Varys’ departure from Meereen may not be a coincidence. Check out this theory by Redditor Ariskov:

After the last episode, It just seemed very suspicious that a Spy Master leaves the city just before a massive naval assault. And since the whole community here is enraged about the directing & writing, I couldn’t confirm nor deny those suspicions. Then I remembered shit load of stuff which just proved my point more in my opinion.

At this scene Varys after mentioning what he heard and saw during his ”cutting”, which are also mentioned by the priestess at Meereen few episodes ago. He says ”there is no worse scenario than someone who has that kind of ”dark” power sitting at the iron throne ”.

Daenerys’ fleet burning is quickly attributed to slave owners, which does not make much sense. They know she wants to conquer westeros, and they know it is in their best interest that she leaves. Destroying the means of transportation of daenerys and making sure that she stays at slaver’s bay longer doesn’t make sense. It makes sense for someone who doesn’t want daenerys to leave for conquest soon. I genuinely don’t believe it was slave owners who burnt down the fleet.

All through out the books, Varys repeatedly says that he serve the realm. He ignores all kinds of right to rule, names, laws and only keeps the peace & interest of the realm as the sole criterion. It doesn’t sound right that he would help a vengeful conqueror. Let alone a vengeful conqueror who is the prophesied saviour of the religion he hates and fears for the purposes concerning his lack of genitalia.

Lastly and I think most importantly, A F-CKING SPYMASTER who supposed to know what you ate for breakfast three days ago ( 2×08, davos to mathus ), doesn’t know anything about dozens, if not hundreds, of ships coming at his location for an invasion. Also this GRANDMASTER OF SECRETS AND WHISPERS AND BIRDS and shit leaves the city before that massive fleet arrives, in order to secure alliances ( Insert grey worm’s ” that’s the worst joke I ever heard ” line here. )



  1. Bad theory clearly raised by someone who hasn’t read the books.

    Even in the world of just the show, it’s a bad theory. It’s overthinking the obvious. Varys was sent to secure allies. He’s most likely gone to meet up with the Yara and Theon Greyjoy and their ships.

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