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brienne jaime no oneWe finally saw a much awaited reunion on the last episode of Game of Thrones. Brienne of Tarth last saw Jaime Lannister in season 4 when she left King’s Landing on her quest to save the Stark girls. Now with one Stark girl saved and on a mission to get support from the Tullys, Brienne encountered a familiar face in the Riverlands- Jaime Lannister who was leading the Siege of Riverrun. Entertainment Weekly caught up with Gwendoline Christie and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and asked them about their much anticipated meeting. Christie explains:

“I was excited, It was really fun to be with Nikolaj again, and I thought the way of which their reunion happens is not really expected. I just loved that it was so formal, because within the confines of such formality, and having to negotiate with each other, there are so many other stories begging to be told in those moments. There’s a slow process of creeping familiarity among two people who haven’t been together for a long time; it was allowed to build. And I love that Brienne asserts her intelligence and her newfound mind of strategy and negotiates with Jaime and gets the outcome she wants – he allows her safe passage to go in and negotiate. It wasn’t cliched in any way. You continue to see the strength of Brienne. She is so dedicated to the moral good she does everything she can to uphold her oath to Catelyn Stark.”

Coster-Waldau adds:

“It’s a great scene. These characters are so much about holding their cards so close to their chest and they don’t want to reveal how they’re feeling. But we know there’s history between them, that this is more than two knights meeting. But they would never acknowledge that.”

The actor hinted that there is some romantic tension between Brienne and Jaime but the fact that both are always dedicated to someone else’s agenda, it is unlikely to come up and Bronn’s conversation with Podrick outside Jaime’s tent kind of reflects what audience suspects:

“[Bronn] tells us what the audience suspects. It’s a great way to get all that stuff into the audience’s head before the scene because then there’s this added subtext. Jaime is always about Cersei and what he can do to help her and how to achieve whatever she wants. And for Brienne, it’s the same – she has an oath to Catelyn Stark. She’s extremely strong willed and has her honor and has to do the right thing always. Sometimes, with both of them, you just want go, ‘For god’s sake, let it go for a one second. What about what you want?’ They never listen to themselves. And what I love about the end of this scene is there’s some heartbreak. Because, once again, they were close. But are they ever gonna be able to talk about something other than someone else’s agenda?”


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