Syrio Forel Actor Drops Hints That He Might Return

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shadow behind waifBefore Game of Thrones killed their 1st main character – Ned Stark in Season 1 Episode 9, the deaths of minor characters were still shocking! One of them was Syrio Forel, the fan favorite dancing master of Arya Stark who is assumed to be dead, supposedly killed by Meryn Trant offscreen. But fans have refused to give up. And why should they? Benjen Stark and Sandor Clegane- both presumed to be dead- are back. So there is hope for Syrio Forel.

shadow behind waif zoomedAnd with this new promotional image from the upcoming episode, fans think that the guy behind the Waif is the First Sword of Braavos. And they may not be wrong. Check out the comparisons below.

syrio forel no oneTo add fuel to the fire, Miltos Yerolemou (who portrayed Syrio) tweeted this in response to a fan who posted the still:

Yerolemou also made an appearance on Sunday’s Thronecast and revealed that Syrio has a good relationship with the House of Black and White. Check out the video below.


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