This Fan Theory About Cersei And Jaime Seems Very Plausible Right Now

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** Possible spoilers and speculation below **Jaime’s storyline in Game of Thrones has revolved around two things- his incestous relationship with his twin sister Cersei and killing the king he was sworn to protect- the Mad King Aerys Targaryen. And that’s what this fan theory by Redditor RobertGoulet850 is based on. It suggests that Jaime’s life will come full circle when Cersei becomes the ‘Mad Queen’, losing all her children and threatening to burn everyone with Wildfire.

cersei burn them allCersei has threatened to burn King’s Landing before and when she finally decides to ‘burn them all’, Jaime will have no other option but to kill her, in order to save everyone else. The visions of the Mad King and Wildfire earlier this season could also be a foreshadowing. Hence, life will come full circle for Jaime Lannister and Maggy’s prophecy will also be fulfilled.

Check out the full theory below:

The theory: Cersei unleashes wildfire on the city, Jamie chokes her to death.
The explanation: First, the idea that Jaime chokes Cersei comes mostly from the Maggy prophecy. While some prophecies have been questionable, Maggy’s prophecy is rather credible as she correctly predicts that Cersei will marry Robert, not Rhaegar, the number of children Cersei will have, the number of bastards Robert will have, the hair color of her children, and she predicted all of her children would die (2 for 3 so far if you accept the show). She also predicts that “the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you”.
Valonqar is Valyrian for little brother, which Cersei believes to by Tyrion. However, Tyrion has already done his fair share of Lannister killing and is on the other side of the world for the time being. I doubt Tyrion will again find himself on the front lines, so even if he comes back and conquers King’s Landing on dragon back, chances are that if he does get to kill Cersei, it would be a public execution scenario.
The other possibility is that Jaime is the Valonqar. While Jaime is a twin, it is specifically mentioned that he came out second. In my opinion, this detail is a Chekhov’s Gun; why does GRRM want us to know the order in which Jaime and Cersei left their mother’s vagina? Well it is a necessary bit of information for this tinfoil theory, of course! Unlike Tyrion, Jaime will likely find himself in Kings Landing sooner or later and the next time he sees Cersei may well be without guards (all in all a good choking situation). Finally, the fact that Jaime’s choking hand is now made of gold would make the killing very symbolic, as “hands of gold are always cold”.
Now, what drives Jaime to kill Cersei? Jaime’s character development is largely centered around one event: the killing of the Mad King after he ordered the burning of King’s Landing by wildfire. Conflicted between his duty to the King and his duty to his family and the people, he chose to stab Aerys II in the back and has lived with the shame of the Kingslayer title ever since. As of now, Jaime has already began to turn on Cersei for fucking the likes of Osney Kettleblack. While some have speculated this will be what sets Jaime off, it would be inconsistent with his character to kill a family member over something like this.
So what can Cersei possibly do to make her choke-worthy? How about the same thing as Aerys II. A week ago on the show we saw in Bran’s visions that wildfire explodes under King’s Landing. This hasn’t happened yet so the implication is that it may be a future event. I believe the only person in King’s Landing as mad as the Mad King is Cersei and that she will give the order.

This was also predicted by YouTuber Throne Talk before season 6 started. You can watch the video below.


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