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    1. Now that you mention it, the Waif beating Arya with a stick makes complete sense.

      1. Syrio Forel began Arya’s training back in King’s Landing, was last seen when he fought Meryn Trant and is (not only) supposed to be a Faceless Man, (but none other than the one we know as Jaqen). So furthermore taking into account that the Faceless Men are all and no one (and perhaps the a bit far fetched theory that the Waif is a split personality of Arya), why shouldn’t the Waif be Syrio after all?

      2. That is a shadow behind The Waif not The Waif herself. Syrio is there to finish her off and nurse Arya to health, finish her training and get Arya home.

  1. It seems Syrio is behind the waif as a shadow and its very clear that it’s not her shadow standing. It is like house of black and white had its plan for this start child all along. Waif and Arya may or may not be the same person but nd Syrio seems like same person.. it is really going to be very interesting in comming episode.

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