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daenerys on drogon blood of my bloodAs a fan, it is not surprising to find yourself immersed for hours, thinking about the world of Ice and Fire that we see in Game of Thrones. And why not? It’s got kings & queens, castles & houses, prophecies, ice zombies, dragons, nudity, violence and now even time travel. But it also makes one wonder why these guys have been stuck in middle ages for so long? How come the people of Westeros have hardly progressed? Youtuber Nerdwriter1 is blaming the dragons!

They make an interesting observation and it also applies to our history. During the medieval period, cities had castles which were capable to hold off the sieges. Then came canons and castles were no longer strong enough to withstand a cannonball onslaught! This resulted in wars being fought in open fields and that required huge armies and better weapons. This was expensive and required more taxes and to collect these efficiently, the kingdoms needed a better governance system. This constant innovation slowly gave way to the Renaissance and then to the Industrial Revolution and finally to the Post-Cold War/Postmodernity world with democracy and the governments that we see today.

But this doesn’t seem to be the case with Game of Thrones. They don’t have canons to destroy the castles, they have dragons. Harrenhal is the perfect example here as Tywin Lannister once explained it to Arya- the castle could have withstood any attack on land but not from air. And you can’t just raise money to buy a dragon or build armies that are strong enough to defeat them. They are almost invincible and you just have to bow down to the people who have dragons. So you are struck in the same system forever because of these magical creatures. There is more to this theory and you can watch it in the video below.


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