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**Possible Spoilers and speculation ahead **

Check out The Mountain’s armour when he first appears in the preview.

mountain armour plain no oneNow check out his armor moments later in the video.

mountain armour dented no oneLook at Lancel Lannister’s weapon?

lancel weapon no oneGoodbye Lancel?

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  1. I’m pretty sure the fact that he was getting picked up by his head was a clear indication he was going to die and nothing to do with the “hidden” dent in the armor!

      1. To me, the arrow is not pointing at Lancel. Even so, if one of them attacked the Mountain they’re all dead.

  2. That’s not Lancel in the final picture, it looks more like the guy behind him in the picture above – the guy I thought the big red arrow was pointing to.

  3. That’s not Lancel in the last picture. Robe is black and the chain is different. It looks like one of the other guys. I doubt the Mountain will be killed until the Hound comes back to Kings Landing.

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