Emilia Clarke Is Feeling The Pressure Of Playing Daenerys On Game of Thrones

daenerys on drogon blood of my bloodDaenerys usually plays it cool when under pressure, casually incinerating her foes, but Emilia Clarke is feeling the pressure of expectations with each season on Game of Thrones. But it is also something that Clarke is getting used to. She is now part of several famous franchises and books, including The Terminator and the recently released Me Before You. She Tells Time Magazine:

“I’ve made the naive choices to take on roles that are beloved in books, that’s literally everything I’ve done. For better or worse, I’ve worked really hard on all of them and tried very hard to make sure all the fans were happy and that I was on the right track. For the first time ever in [Me Before You], I read it and said I know her. I’ve got this.”

Clarke also portrays the Mother of Dragons on Game of Thrones, who is totally opposite of what she is like in real life, when it comes to temperament. While she is usually a bubbly prankster on set, rapping and painting faces of her co-stars with caramel, we hardly ever see her character smile on screen. And despite earning 3 Emmy nominations, many fans have criticized her portrayal of Daenerys. She adds:

“It’s like I’m voluntarily walking into the fire every time. I’m like, ‘hello I’m sorry I’m currently having a good time, I would quite like to be in pain.’ With Game of Thrones there’s always that pressure. And the bigger it gets, the bigger the pressure. I’m like, don’t let this be the season where she f—s it up because I really could.”

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