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DnD Mac always sunnyCreators and stars of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia– Rob Mcelhenney (Mac), Charlie Day (Charlie) and Glenn Howerton (Dennis) are good friends with Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss. The duo even wrote an episode for the cult comedy series back in 2012 (Flowers of Charlie) and said that they would like to return the favor at some point. And there is a good chance that D&D are finally paying their debts in one of the upcoming episodes of season 6.

Mcelhenney and Day were spotted in Belfast in August 2015, close to the Game of Thrones filming studio. Earlier that year, Benioff and Weiss had also revealed that both parties want that cameo to happen. The Gang even attended the season 6 premiere this year. So with all this evidence and hoping that my favorite comedy duo will definitely appear on my favorite fantasy show, I’ll try to guess how Charlie and Mac could fit in the world of Westeros.

My guess is that they will probably will be a part of the upcoming battle between Ramsay and Jon Snow and will die almost immediately. But that wouldn’t be much fun. Would it? Unless, they could be a part of Tormund’s Wildling army and Charlie could ask him about the battle’s ‘spaghetti policy’. Mac could try  to give Tormund and Jon Snow some insights into how to make the war more ‘badass’. And then they can probably die. I am sure given the dark humor of their own show and almost burning Rickety Cricket to death once & then pretending to forget about it, Day and Mcelhenney really won’t mind dying on Game of Thrones.

Other guess is that they may play some minor characters in King’s Landing. Maybe, Day could play a role similar to ‘The King of the Rats’ – like he did on an episode of Always Sunny. There must be thousands of rats in Flea Bottom and who could be better than Charlie to take care of the rat problem in Westeros. And Mac could play a Faith Militant and punish Loras because of his homosexuality and then bang him moments later.

Though none of other cast members were spotted in Belfast, that doesn’t rule out their cameo. Frank Reynolds could be perfect as Walder Frey’s troll toll at the Twins. For Dennis, I can imagine him performing an orgy in a brothel and then bragging about his sexual prowess. As for Dee.. Well, nobody cares about you bird.. go play a raven or something. Jokes aside, I was actually hoping to see as a part of that play in Braavos and act really really bad. But that of course did not happen.

As a fanboy, I of course wish for an Always Sunny type cameo on Game of Thrones. But it probably won’t happen that way. So we will have to wait and see if & how it happens. But do let us know in comments- How do you see the cast of Always Sunny as characters in the world of Ice and Fire?


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