Young Hodor Actor Sam Coleman Writes An Emotional Song Called ‘Hold The Door’

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hodor willis hold the doorBefore Hodor became Hodor, he was just a normal stable boy in Winterfell called Wyllis. Sam Coleman, who played the role, recently wrote a song dedicated to the beloved giant. Here are the lyrics:

I was a lonely stable boy
Mucking horses for a living brought no joy
Watching Starks turn into men from boys
I was a lonely stable boy
I was a lonely stable, lonely stable, lonely stable boy
’Til you came along
From the future
You stayed just to tell me, just to look into myself
’Til you came along
And my eyes went white
And my soul caught fire
I saw the blackest night
Where the bodies and the snow and the despair piled higher
Then I was on fire
I only had just one desire
I would follow you until the end of time
Put my life right on the line
Making sure you wouldn’t die
But there was one condition
I only had one mission
A simple one, I knew I had to face
When I reached the time and place
Hold the door!
I’ll hold the door!
I’ll hold the door for you
For you
Hold the door
Hold the door
Hold the door
Hold the door
Hoddedoor. . .

You can listen to the song below.


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