George R.R. Martin Gives Brienne A Kickass Backstory

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brienne duncanGeorge R.R. Martin recently made an appearance at Balticon, a Sci-Fi convention in Baltimore where he revealed an interesting fact about Brienne of Tarth’s ancestry. It turns out she is the descendant of Ser Duncan the Tall- one of the most famous knights in the seven kingdoms.

As we know, Brienne’s backstory has been quite sad to say the least. She lost her mother and all her siblings when she was young and despite her father Selwyn Tarth’s best efforts to marry her, she had three failed engagements. She was scorned, mocked and rejected and during Game of Thrones season 5, her scene with Podrick tells us all about her distressing life. She recalls how Renly was one of the few men who treated her nicely and then tells her squire:

“Brienne the Beauty,’ they called me. Great joke. And I realized I was the ugliest girl alive—a great, lumbering beast.”

With Brienne finally getting revenge for Renly’s death in Season 5 finale and then fulfilling her promise to Catelyn Stark by rescuing Sansa, things are definitely looking up for her. And Now George R.R. Martin just gave her fans something more to cheer about.

In season 4, when Joffrey was ridiculously flipping through a book on the history of Kingsguards, he commented:

“Ser Duncan the Tall. Four pages for Ser Duncan. He must have been quite a man.”

To which his father/uncle Jaime replied: “So they say.”

While the show hasn’t revealed much about Ser Duncan, he is one of the favorite characters of George R.R. Martin. He loved him so much that he has written three books on the tales of Ser Duncan the Tall (Dunk) and his squire Egg (the future king Aegon V Targaryen). The novellas were also turned into graphic novels by Marvel. In fact, Martin recently hinted that these might form the basis of a Game of Thrones spinoff in future.

Book readers have long speculated about Brienne’s connection to Ser Duncan. Martin even used the same phase in A Feast for Crows -‘Thick as a castle wall’ to describe both Brienne and Dunk. Ser Duncan was known for being tall, honorable and a great fighter. And so is Brienne! No wonder Tormund is crazy about her.

If you are interested to learn more about Ser Duncan, head over to his page of ASOIAF wiki here.


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