Game of Thrones: Fan Theory Suggests That Wall Is Coming Down In Season 6 Finale

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the wall game of thrones** Spoilers and speculation ahead **

Now that most of the plotlines in Game of Thrones have gone beyond the books, each episode of season 6 puts a lid on some old fan theories and gives rise to many new ones. After the events of recent episodes, a new theory has emerged which suggests that Bran Stark’s recent actions may cause even more mayhem in the world of Westeros.

The season finale is titled ‘The Winds of Winter’ and fans believe that this episode will end with the Wall coming down and the White Walkers invading rest of the Westeros.

So how will the Night King bring down this huge and ancient structure, built with magic and ice?

First hint is the mark that the Night King left on Bran’s hand when he got bored and went greenseeing alone in episode 5. As we saw, the mark allowed Night King to break the spell which guarded the cave from White Walkers.

So how does this bring down the Wall?

For those of you who do not know, the Wall is believed to be built by legendary hero Brandon the Builder around 8000 years ago after the Long Night (when White Walkers first invaded) to prevent another White Walker invasion.

Benjen will probably lead Bran and Meera to Castle Black before leaving again because Wall’s magic may not allow him to go south. It can be assumed that the magic that was guarding the Three-eyed Raven’s cave is the same which was used to build the wall. So with Bran at Castle Black and with a mark on his hand, this may allow the Night King to break the spell which kept his army away from the Wall for many years.

Also, coming down of wall fits perfectly into the plot as the White Walkers are getting stronger by the day and it makes sense for them to bring down the wall if they plan to wreak havoc in the rest of Westeros. Also. the Night’s Watch does not enough manpower to defend an attack which will be the best time for the Night King to plan his invasion.

Another clue is the show’s obsession towards foreshadowing. When Jon left Castle Black and left Dolorous Edd in charge, he says: ‘Don’t knock it down while I’m gone’. Maybe this was a foreshadowing of the events to come.

In the episode Blood of my Blood Benjen tells Bran that ‘one way or another’ the Night King ‘will find his way to world of men and when he does you will be there waiting for him,’ which again hints that the White Walker invasion is coming soon.

So what happens if and when the Wall finally comes down? There are only limited number of Dragonglass and Valyrian steel weapons (forged with magic and dragonfire) right now which can kill the White Walkers. So Daenerys’ dragons become very important in the event of the Wall coming down and mankind’s fight against the White Walkers. We just hope that the Mother of Dragons make her mind sooner than later and come to Westeros ASAP before it’s too late.

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