Game of Thrones Director: You Should Be ‘Roused’ And ‘Horrified’ By Daenerys

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Another Game of Thrones episode [Blood of my Blood] , another speech by Daenerys about how she wants to conquer Westeros. The episode also gave us flashbacks of the Mad King (Daenerys’ father) and of course, fans began to draw parallels between the two. Will this ambition become too much for her that she begins the descent into madness when she finally sits on the Iron Throne? Is this the bittersweet ending that George R.R. Martin was talking about?  Episode director Jack Bender hinted in the Behind the Scenes video that Daenerys is becoming more of an anti-hero in Game of Thrones:

“She (Emilia) was amazing.. At the end of the scene you should be somewhat roused by her and a little horrified.. She’s not Hitler at Nuremberg, but she’s got the power.”

daenerys speech youtube commentsHBO uploaded Daenerys’ speech from last episode on YouTube and it received a lot of hate comments as you can see in the image above. Is this what Game of Thrones producers and George R.R. Martin have been planning all along? Maybe they are happy with this fan reaction because that is what they wanted from Daenerys’ character in the first place. She may not turn out to be as insane as the Mad King but clearly she is not as nice and honorable as Ned Stark was. And we have seen that Ned Starks do not survive in the world of ice and fire because when you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground!


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