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In the episode 6 [Blood of my Blood] of Game of Thrones season 6, we saw about 50 images flash by in a few seconds during Bran’s vision. It had some really interesting shots and we covered them all in a separate article here. In the behind the scenes documentary, showrunner David Benioff explains that they were not just random shots and each image was carefully picked by them:

“Even the some of the images flash by, and in just a fraction of a second, each of them was very carefully chosen and the mad king was probably more dramatic of those. Because we have been hearing about the mad king from the very beginning of the show but he has never appeared on screen before. And shooting it you know, spending a lot of time on what ended up being like a second and a half of screen time .”

Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran) adds:

“It hints at this whole sort of almost paradoxical time intervention that Bran can appear to do.. for better or worse.”



  1. How come Jaime has short hair when he stabbed the Mad King? In Season One he had long hair and The Mad King was stabbed before the show started.

    1. Yes. He was stabbed 13 years before the show started. Pretty sure many hair do’s could have been done in 13 years

  2. The mad king was talking about The White Walkers … and he was possessed by Bran Himself 🙂 don’t ask me why and how i know this ,my answer might be a big spoil 😀
    -My Opinion 🙂

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