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bran vision blood of my blood



  1. Look at the 25th picture (I uploaded the picture as a reply to this comment), you can see the throne room decoration that Joffrey put in. So that one on the floor being killed can’t be the Mad King. It has to be someone else that came after Joffrey, probably Tommen.

    Here is a picture of the throne room before Joffrey redecorated

    1. Here is the 25th picture that I was talking about. Well, we can’t discard the possibility that it was just a mistake by HBO

      1. I’m not sure but it looks like the killer is someone from the royal guard (judging by its cape) and right now Jaime isn’t part of it anymore

      2. those are “images” from the past, the 3 eyed crow can’t see in the future. This is Jaimie stabbing the mad king in his back. Like in the lore.

      3. it is the mad king, because going through the other pictures, you can see the background is the same as the 25th picture.. HBO is probably making mistakes.

      4. No joffrey redecorated saying the targs had good taste. If you back to the episode. He put the throne room back to its former glory.

      5. also the high sparrows symbol above the iron throne, future vision for sure

      6. Yes right! I thought Tommen could have put that, but I searched “joffrey on the iron throne” and seems like he also put the light of the seven symbol above the throne as well

      7. thats not the high sparrows symbols it the symbol of the 7 pointed star the main religion of in westeros

      8. You’re so mistaken anarchy this is the symbol of the light of the seven the common faith in king’s landing and some other regions

      9. sorry, the meaning of the symbol is irrelevant. The point was, throughout the enter series, high sparrow has been the only one to really associate himself with the symbol and if u go back to season 1 when robert was on the throne (who came after the mad king). There is no symbol above the throne until joffery put it there… suggesting it was a future scene, but as alot of people are saying hbo mistakes.

      10. it aint future, Look at the images above, where you can see it’s The Mad King… background is still the same. It is probably a mistake but all these scenes happened in a 2-3 secs… They dont want to waste time and money on such small details…

      11. who says it was not like that in the rule of the mad king, and that joffery did not make it like that cause he liked the stories of the mad king? just an idea, basing it on nothing

    2. Remember when he was redecorating hes said the targs Had good taste. He just put the throne room back the way they had it.

  2. If you can see there is a mistake.. on Jaimie! His hair are short as now and not long… that’s the mistake of HBO.!!

    1. Considering this occurred years prior to the events of season 1 it isn’t unreasonable to consider that Jaime had short hair then…

      1. It’s just that we know him with long hair since forever.. but based on that it’s okay

  3. The shots of the throne room are all Mad King. Jamie sits on the Iron Throne after he killed Aerys (by stabbing him in the back, which is shown in the vision). Not shown is when Ned comes in and finds Jamie sitting on the Iron Throne. Instead of taking it himself, he let Robert have it. That’s what Cersei is talking about when she tells Ned “When you play the game of thrones, you win, or you die” back in season 1.

  4. Did anyone wonder whether this is actually the Lyanna scene to come? Those look like woman’s hands, it may be from the red wedding though?

    1. It could be lynna but i wonder why is there a big cut on her body it certainly doesn’t look like a vagina!

      1. The wound by which she dies, perhaps? The the baby (Jon?) is already born?

    2. it could be from the red wedding, but right after ned says “where is my sister” they cut to this scene. So I wouldn’t be surprise
      Lyanna probably had to have a cesarian because both of them (her and the baby) would’ve died if it wasn’t. So better sacrifice lyanna and save the baby instead of having both of them die


      So that’s the red wedding. Talisa is clearly wearing a different outfit than the person pictured here. Also Talisa is stabbed repeatedly with a knife while the wound here looks like a large gouge, possibly made by a sword?

      I think Lyanna is a good guess. Bran was seeing the event leading up to this (presumably), so it’s not unreasonable that this was what young Ned sees after he runs up to to the tower. We can only guess that the reason The Three Eyed Raven was showing Bran the Ned/Sword Of The Morning fight was to reveal a key plot point (the Origin of Jon Snow). Considering that some of the other images in this series are pretty revealing of events that occurred in the past but previously only referred to by other characters, I’d say a vision of Lyanna seems pretty consistent.

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