Game of Thrones: Episodes 8, 9 and 10 Titles Possibly LEAKED

ramsay arya jon night kingSky Atlantic Germany recently revealed the titles for episodes 8, 9 and 10 of Game of Thrones season 6. Though the titles are in German, we have translated them for you:

** Spoilers and Speculation ahead **

Episode 8- ‘Niemand’ [No One]

Episode 9 – ‘Die Schlacht der Bastarde’ [The Battle of the Bastards]

Episode 10 –┬áDie Winde des Winters [The Winds of Winter]

If the above titles are indeed true, then episode 8 should focus on Arya Stark. As we saw in episode 6, she didn’t kill Lady Stork as Jaqen H’ghar asked her to and then he asked Waif to kill Arya. So this is the episode we think will show Arya trying to escape Braavos.

Episode 9 title is self explanatory and we should finally see Jon Snow leading an army against Ramsay Bolton as he tries to reclaim Winterfell.

The title for season 6 finale however, is most interesting as it shares the name with the upcoming book in the A Song of Ice and Fire Saga. Will this be the episode where we will finally see White Walkers get past the wall? HBO is yet to confirm the titles but these do look very genuine and it seems that we can expect great things from the final 2 episodes.


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