Game of Thrones: Check Out Emilia Clarke’s Prank On Joe Naufahu

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Emilia Clarke Dothraki PrankWe have all heard the story of how Emilia Clarke pranked Khal Moro actor Joe Naufahu when they were filming last year. Naufahu recently revealed the details about the prank to AOL:

“I just crashed, man. It was about three in the morning, and I wake up to Emilia in my face with a dessert spoon. I went to put my hand to my face, and she had smeared caramel all over my face, pants and beard. And one of them was sitting there with a camera filming it all, sitting there laughing.”

Now someone has uploaded the prank online for all of us to see and well, it turns out he wasn’t kidding! Clarke seems quite a prankster and the 38 year old Kiwi actor has a word of advice for everyone- ‘Do not fall asleep on the set’. Check out the video below.



  1. lol the weirdest thing in the video is a full battle-dressed khal (you see him in last 3 secs) with earbuds 😀

  2. What a day for him! first he’s burned alive in his temple then covered in caramel in his sleep! Poor guy!

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