Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran) on Hodor’s Death: ‘I’ve Screwed Him Over’

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Game of Thrones bid goodbye to Hodor in the episode The Door and it turns out Bran Stark was responsible for his psychological condition where he is only able to say one word- ‘Hodor’. And then the lovable giant also sacrificed his life for Bran and Meera as he held the door, buying them some precious time to escape from the cave which was overrun by the white walkers (again due to Bran who gave away the secret location of the cave to the Night’s King).

Entertainment Weekly spoke with Bran Stark actor Isaac Hempstead Wright who was clearly sad and sorry about the fact that his character was responsible for Hodor’s condition and eventual demise:

“It’s so sad! We learned Hodor really is this vulnerable soul, who had such potential to live a happy life. First, through [Bran’s] selfish actions, going to the White Walker vision in the first place, I’ve screwed him over. He didn’t pick up that he should get out of the dream. And then Hodor sacrifices himself. He’s been through all this and he’s still having to do this.”


The 17 year old actor recalls his first meeting with Hodor actor Kristian Nairn:

“Kristian is one of my best friends. As an icebreaker when we first met, he just handed me his iPhone to play with. I was playing the Harry Potter: Spells app. He says, ‘Whatever you do don’t drop my phone,’ and then I [accidentally] smashed it into pieces.”


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