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** Spoilers Ahead **

cersei high sparrow lancel winds of winterIn an interview with the Polish website Kawena, the High Sparrow actor Jonathan Pryce has teased a red wedding-sounding scene in the finale of Game of Thrones season 6. Check out the Google Translation below:

“Everyone is waiting impatiently for the process of Cersei, which will be held in Sepcie. They will present it literally everyone. My character has lost some vigilance–is firmly convinced that Cersei appear at his request. When the messengers informed him that he had not left his house, still he believes that will come to the process, because in his opinion should be there. Meanwhile, behind him, and in the immediate vicinity, last scheming and intrigue chasing intrigue. Tension gradually builds up when the giant Sept fills slowly people–great sparrow is still pleased with the turn of events and is confident that everything is going according to plan. No suspects that the fate in store for him a very unpleasant surprise…”

Redditor poisonbutterfly has summarized it nicely and thinks it’s goodbye for the High Sparrow and the Tyrells:

“In this interview Jonathan Pryce says that when Cersei’s trial happens…. high sparrow and everyone else is waiting in the Sept of Baelor for Cersei to show up. And the High Sparrow is very certain for Cersei to show up and so is everyone else. No one expects that something very unpleasant is about to happen. I’m guessing in this scene, it will be like the red wedding again. The doors to the Sept of Baelor will be locked and on Cersei’s orders Qyburn will burn the entire place with wildfire. bye bye High Sparrow and Tyrells.”

Or Cersei will unleash The Mountain and the Lannister Army on everyone present in the Sept? We really hope that if a red wedding like scene does happen, Margaery and Olenna are able to survive the attack. But it’s Game of Thrones and we should expect that our hopes will be crushed as they have always!



  1. Margaery told Olenna to go back to High Garden a few episodes back so she shouldn’t even be there.

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