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A Game of Thrones of version of Clue is now available for purchase in the United States and Canada. Manufactured by USAopoly/HBO, it offers players 6 weapons to choose from (a poison vial, a crossbow, a Faceless Man, battle axe, the arakah and a catspaw assassin dagger). It is a double sided board game with locations like Reed Keep and Meereen and have total of 12 suspects (Cersei, Jaime, Margaery, Tyrion, Daenerys, Littlefinger, Daario, Missandei, Hizdahr Zo Loraq, Jorah, Sansa¬†and Grey Worm). Here’s the official description for the game:

High treachery and betrayal are behind the two mysteries to solve in Game of Thrones Clue. Featuring a double-sided game board, players choose to solve the murder mystery in The Red Keep or in Meereen. WHO was responsible for plotting the murder? WHAT weapon was used and WHERE did the crime take place?

2-6 players
Custom Double-sided Game Board (The Red Keep & Meereen)
12 Suspects: Cersei Lannister, Jamie Lannister, Tryion Lannister, Sansa Stark, Petyr Baelish, Margaery Tyrell, Daenerys Targaryen, Hizdahr Zo Loraq, Missandei, Daario Naharis, Jorah Mormont, Grey Worm
6 Custom Metal Weapons: Poison Vial, Battle Axe, Arakh, Faceless Man, Crossbow, Catspaw Assassin Dagger
21 Intrigue Cards including 13 Master of Whisperers and 8 White Walkers
6 Custom Movers
Custom Scoring Pad (Clue Sheet & Envelope)

The crime is the murder of Ramsay Bolton – which is more of a blessing actually! You can buy the game on Amazon. Check out the official images clue


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