Emilia Clarke: ‘That Ain’t No Body Double!’

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khaleesi burns khalsYes, that was Emilia Clarke’s body and not a body double at the end of the episode ‘Book of the Stranger’ of Game of Thrones season 6, the 29 year old English actress confirmed to EW:

“I’d like to remind people the last time I took my clothes off was season 3. That was awhile ago. It’s now season 6. But this is all me, all proud, all strong. I’m just feeling genuinely happy I said ‘Yes.’ That ain’t no body double!”

Compared to season 1, where Clarke and Jason Momoa had to shoot naked in the open for a scene, this one was much easier for the actress, thanks to the special effects. The producers decided to shoot the final portion of Book of the Stranger on a private set but the rest of the shooting took place on the Vaes Dothrak set in Spain as planned. Clarke adds:

“Taking off my clothes is not the easiest thing, but with the magic of the effects, I don’t have to do a season 1 and go on a cliff and do it. I’m in control of it.”

Showrunner David Benioff is all praises for the Mother of Dragons:

“Emilia absolutely crushed it. It’s one of those weird scenes because it was half shot in Spain, half in Belfast. But largely due to her performance, it works brilliantly.”


And finally, she hit back at critics who had accused her of refraining from nudity now that she’s famous after a tabloid report quoted her saying that she ‘can’t stand sex scenes’:

“It’s difficult to be misquoted and it’s nice to have something like Instagram to say the truth. How many times has [Daario actor] Michiel Huisman been asked about the fact he’s taken his clothes off a bunch? Is that even a discussion? No. So I’m doing it this year and people can talk about it and I’m ready to answer any questions about it, basically.”


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