Game of Thrones: Does This Small Change From Books Makes Ned Less Honorable?

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** Contains Spoilers from books**
howland reed saves ned in the booksIf you read the above paragraph from A Clash of Kings, Bran Stark clearly knows Howland Reed saved his father because he himself told him so.

During the Tower of Joy flashback in season 6, Bran seems surprised when he sees Ned Stark struggling against Ser Arthur Dayne while clearly he will not be in the books, if and when he learns about it.

bran thinks ned defeated arthurSo why did the show make this change? Was this to give Bran a few lines, rather than him being a silent spectator to the fight? Or is it just making a small change, assuming that Ned never told him about the fight and Bran probably heard a semi-true version from the others?

It could also mean that Game of Thrones is implying that Ned lied about it to Bran, increasing the shock value of the reveal and making Ned somewhat less honorable. We really hope that is not the case but it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to change this bit of information from the books. It is true that Ned never talked about what happened inside the tower of joy but to assume that he let that rumor fly around is so uncharacteristic of him. That would have been disrespectful to Ser Arthur Dayne and we don’t think Ned would have allowed that.



  1. Howland Reed stabbing Arthur Dayne in the back wasn’t honorable, but Ned stood up, got a sword, and put him out of his misery. He took what action he could to still be honorable, and in that case, it was a quicker death.

  2. You’re wrong. In season 3 episode 2 Bran CLEARLY states that he knows that Howland Reed saved his father during the rebellion. Meaning that the mechanism of saving (stabbing in the back) wasn’t clear, but he knew not happened

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