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Tonight’s Game of Thrones episode [Oathbreaker] will indeed show the Tower of Joy flashback, one of the biggest mysteries in the world of ice and fire. The trailer for the episode has already confirmed this [Watch above].

In case you don’t know about Tower of Joy, it is a location in northern part of Dorne where Lyanna Stark was kept by Rhaegar Targaryen. At the end of Robert’s Rebellion, Ned Stark led the raid on the tower along with his companions and defeated the guarding Kingsguards. After entering the tower, Ned found his sister dying and she claimed a promise from him before she died.

Fans believe that the promise was an infant Jon Snow and he is actually the son of the Rhaegar and Lyanna (R+L=J). Ned’s promise was to never reveal Jon’s identity as Robert would have probably killed Jon if he came to know about his true parentage and therefore raised him as his bastard son. With Jon coming back to life in the last episode, it will be interesting to see if there is any truth to the most popular Game of Thrones fan theory.

Today is also Mother’s day and there is a good reason to believe that we will finally see the above mentioned sequence. Game of Thrones is not new to such inside jokes either. Season 4 delivered a father’s day present in 2014 when Tywin Lannister was killed by his son Tyrion in the finale. It will be a bummer if the show decides to only show the flashback of the fight and leave Ned’s dialogue with Lyanna for another time. But given the show’s fast pace this year, it is unlikely.

There is also an alternate version of theory which claims Lyanna had twins and we met the other twin in last episode. Read about it here.


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