George R.R. Martin’s Thoughts On Resurrection

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grrm fanficMany fans were happy to see their favorite character Jon Snow returned to life. However, don’t start celebrating just yet, because if George R.R. Martin’s 2011 Sound of Young America interview with John Hodgman is any clue, then we won’t see the old Jon Snow we love:

“I do think that if you’re bringing a character back, that a character has gone through death, that’s a transformative experience. Even back in those days of Wonder Man and all that, I loved the fact that he died, and although I liked the character in later years, I wasn’t so thrilled when he came back because that sort of undid the power of it.”

Martin was referring to a comic book story where Wonder Man came back to life after he chose to sacrifice his life rather than betraying the Avengers.

Most of the time there is a price to pay for superhero resurrection. Actually, most superheroes return healthier, with their abilities restored and with a new costume, something Martin doesn’t like. But this doesn’t happen only in comic books and GRRM points to Lord of the Rings to prove his point.

“Much as I admire Tolkien, I once again always felt like Gandalf should have stayed dead. That was such an incredible sequence in Fellowship of the Ring when he faces the Balrog on the Khazad-dûm and he falls into the gulf, and his last words are, ‘Fly, you fools.’ What power that had, how that grabbed me. And then he comes back as Gandalf the White, and if anything he’s sort of improved. I never liked Gandalf the White as much as Gandalf the Grey, and I never liked him coming back. I think it would have been an even stronger story if Tolkien had left him dead.”

Even though he does use resurrection in his stories no one who comes back to life is never quite the same.

“My characters who come back from death are worse for wear. In some ways, they’re not even the same characters anymore. The body may be moving, but some aspect of the spirit is changed or transformed, and they’ve lost something.”

Based on his vision of the resurrection, we can assume that Jon Snow won’t be the same caring man who did everything for people he loved and did his best to be the most honorable Lord Commander.

He always cared for his family therefore he might go on a quest to get revenge for his loved ones. Melisandre saw a vision of him fighting at Winterfell, so maybe Boltons, who helped getting his family killed may be the first on his list.


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