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bran stark winds of winterFinal episode of Game of Thrones season 6 (The Winds of Winter) will be the longest in show’s history at 69 minutes, according to schedule published on HBO’s website. Earlier, the record was held by season 4 finale (‘The Children’) which was 65 minutes long. The next three in the list are:

Season 2, Episode 10: “Valar Morghulis” — 64 minutes

Season 3, Episode 10: “Mhysa” — 62 minutes

Season 1, Episode 1: “Winter is Coming” — 61 minutes

Season Finale of Game of Thrones season 6 airs Sunday, June 26 9 pm on HBO.



  1. Nice! This episode is going to be a full FOUR MINUTES longer than Season 4’s finale. Those 4 minutes are definitely gonna be game changing!

  2. Well if the shitty story telling and writing doesn’t improve then four minutes won’t mean anything.

    1. Agreed. Not just the Dorne story either. The entire show had become predictable, silly, and so far beneath the books that for the first time I’m hesitant to recommend the program to friends.

      1. Yet it receives constant positive reviews and everyone who can watches it. But please, continue on how bad the show is…

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